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:. Birutė Obelenienė
       Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania





Keywords towards Reconstruction of Respecthull Relationship between Men and Women

The article raises the problem caused by „social gender“ concept. The concept constructs a barely functional relationship and distorts the naturally respectful relationship between a man and a woman. „Gender“ ideology uses language as a key tool for constructing a new reality. This key tool separates the word as a symbol from its content and / or creates controversial word combinations such as "safe sex" and "reproductive health". To re-establish a respectful relationship between a man and a woman, the words "gender” should be replaced by "man and woman" and "gender equality" by equal rights for men and women. The basis of a respectful relationship between a woman and a man is the recognition of the dignity of the person of the different sexes. Man and woman are equally dignified but have different vocations derived from their anthropological nature. Therefore, the reconstruction of the respectful relationship between man and woman cannot be separated from the content and education of femininity and masculinity as future mothers and fathers.


Key Words: respectful relationship, woman's dignity, respect for human life, „gender“ ideology


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