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Logos 102

:. Rolandas Bartkus
       Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania





The Phenomenon of Vision: Reference to the Invisible

In this article the relation between vision and the invisibility is discussed. The journey begins in the world of the visible things and reflections. The territory of invisibility is reached while discussing paradoxes of the encounters of the seer and the seen. Invisibility is evidently referred to and linked by the visible things; at the same time invisibility speaks in riddles to the depths of the seer. Excursion from the visible to the invisible is not accidental or unexpected: this intuition is already laid down in the beginnings of an insightful mind or a vigilant look. After all, visibility is woven in the medium of things which extend the human body. Therefore extensions mediate the relations of seer and seen. Contradictions arise when one tries to combine the separate parameters of the visible reality with the whole.


Key Words: vision, reflection, extension, invisibility


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