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:. Min Sun
       Nanjing University, China





The Aesthetics of M. K. Čiurlionis and Chinese Paintings from the Perspective of „Yun“ Category

Taking the most important concept of Chinese aesthetics – yun 韵 – as the object of study, this paper explores its two core connotations or different levels of meaning - 1) the „elegance/refinement“ ya 雅 and 2) „inexhaustible more“ you yu bu jin 有余不尽. The paper explores how yun is expressed in art by taking several classical Chinese paintings and analyzing them from the point of view of three Chinese aesthetic concepts: 1) dan 淡 (bland, as in „suave“, „smooth“, „unperturbed“, „soothingly pleasing“, 2) kong bai yu liu dong 空白与流动 („unfilled space and movement“) and 3) ping heng 平衡 („balance“). Then the same principle of yun is used to analyze the paintings of Lithuanian artist M.K.Čiurlionis in comparison with Chinese paintings. Through the analysis and comparison of the paintings it isconcluded that the art of Čiurlionis shares core principles with traditional Chinese paintings; moreover, the yun category can be used as a subtle aesthetic measure of both Chinese and non-Chinese masterpieces of art.


Key Words: Chinese painting, Chinese aesthetics, comparative aesthetics, category of yun, Čiurlionis


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