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Logos 103

:. Iryna Pinich
       Kyiv National Linguistic University, Ukraine





Emotions in Metamental Organization of Ideologies

The paper undertakes an attempt at establishing a metamental model of ideology organization and the mechanisms for its sociogenesis. Foremost importance is assigned to emotional repertoires in the sustainability and systemic conversions of beliefs and convictions. The study argues for the preliminary function of emotional coherence in the ideology interpellations and in the intergration of ideological metamental spaces. The propagating potency of emotional operators results in the co-elaboration of significant cognitive, affective, and conative information that form the incontestable knowledge of ideological convictions. The empiricism of emotional experience translates to overarching bonds between the abstractness of ideological axis and the objective verity of the radial sphere.


Key Words: ideology, emotional coherence, metamental model, axial and radial ideologemes


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