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Logos 111

:.  Andrius Narbekovas
        Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania




The Challenge of Surrogacy to the Dignity of the Child: From Gift to Product

Reproductive technologies have not only opened a new chapter in science, but have also sparkled a revolution in the origin of human life that has been met with mixed reviews. Human dignity demands that a child comes into the world through procreation as a gift from the marital act of the parents. It is a child's natural right to be born into marriage, to have a father and a mother, and to live in a family. Biomedical science has proven that human life begins at the moment of conception. This is a biological fact, not a religious truth. Thanks to reproductive technology, in the case of surrogacy, the child does not come into the world as a gift, but as a product, produced in a laboratory, separately from the marital act, with the help of „donor“ gametes, carried and born by the surrogate mother and given for a fee under contract to the persons who raise the child. The whole process of surrogacy is incompatible with the dignity of the child, as the child becomes a commodity, deprived of all natural human relationships.


Key Words: bioethics, dignity of the child, procreation, reproduction, surrogacy


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