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Logos 91

:. Žilvinas Vareikis
       Lithuanian Culture Research Institute




The Ideological Transformations of Eurocentrism in the West and Its Reflections in the Lithuanian Philosophy

The article analyzes the ideological transformations of Eurocentrism, philosophical methods of its validation, and some essential worldview attitudes changes abroad and in current Lithuanian philosophy. In Lithuania, Eurocentric position is represented by Arvydas Šliogeris, and Algirdas Degutis. Their opponents are comparativists and universalists Antanas Andrijauskas, Algis Uždavinys, and Audrius Beinorius. The article inquires texts of the mentioned authors and as a result presents the development as well as perspectives of these two philosophical trends in the Lithuanian academic philosophy.


Key Words: europocentrizmas, romantizmas, rasizmas, ideologija, Šliogeris, Degutis.


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