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Logos 92

:. Vytis Valatka
       Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania




Classification, hierarchy and subordination of sciences in the scholastic theory of science

This article analyses some of the most significant topics of scholastic theory of science, namely, classification, hierarchy and subordination of sciences. The author of the article focuses on theoretical sources as well as the criteria of those scholastic procedures. The article comes to the conclusion that scholastic theory of science took over the Aristotelian division of sciences into theoretical and practical ones, yet productive sciences lost the status of independent area of sciences within frames of above-mentioned theory. On the other hand, practical sciences were not unanimously given the status of real science. Within frames of the hierarchy of sciences, two cases of scientific priority were distinguished: a) according to the very nature of science; b) in respect of human cognition. Finally, the article captures two types of scientific subordination in scholastic theory of sciences: a) according to premises; b) according to objects.


Key Words: theoretical and practical sciences, hierarchy of sciences, subordinating science.


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