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Logos 93

:. Algis Mickūnas
       Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania




Intention and Trace

Different traces of the living world, reveal the intentionality that we can call the play. Metaphorically, it could be even called a dimensional play, which always opens the transcendental consciousness and the genesis of intentions, found in the realities chosen by the living worlds, which form the traces of transcendental dimensions and the play of transcendental ability that opens them. What would be the perception if we could conceive such a game without any dimensions? We would lose not only permanence and change, but also, time and eternity, past, present and future, here and there. Everything would be together – always and everywhere. Such perception would go away without memory, without any identity and name. This is clear, since in passive genesis, in the primordial sense of the mind, there is not yet any egological implementation, nor other living world, nor the man-made identities such as the king, the ploughman, the pope or the bandit. Phenomena does not appear as a consequence of any subjectivity – they are just experienced, they reveal themselves as present. Moreover, passive synthesis as a trace of permanence or change, actively implementing any phenomena, also does not yet present itself as an egologic or generally speaking as meaningful activity: it also reveals phenomena as given, and all that is given is given in absolute terms, what is present. In other words, in the absence of any egological being, the only thing remaining is the desire to „passively“ engage in to anything that appears.


Key Words: phenomenology, intentionality, metaphysical intention, dimensional play, trace.


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