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Logos 93

:. Tomas Saulius
       Lithuanian sports university




Does “the soul hypothesis” Count as scientific hypothesis?

There is a popular idea that science is based on the “trial and error” method. therefore, no widely recognized scientific theory is protected from falsification in the face of new facts. science does not possess any absolute truths. apparently, from this we can conclude that “the hypothesis of the soul”, proposed by current dualists, cannot be rejected a priori, even if it contradicts respectable scientific theories. The paper argues that the postulation of a substance that underlies human mental activity is not a hypothesis in the scientific sense. Questions of its epistemic status and philosophical reasonableness are submitted for analysis. it is concluded that dualists only create an appearance of explanation, which is quite convincing unless one pays attention to the distinction between argumentation and explanation. the second conclusion is that the circulation of the soul concept in contemporary scientific discourse does not imply that it works as a regulative idea; it is just a contextual category.


Key Words: substance dualism, philosophy of mind, fact, hypothesis, science.


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