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Refreshing Dew or A. Andrijauskas’s Look at Traditional Hindu Aesthetics and Art

the aim of this review is to present and discuss Prof. habil. dr. Antanas Andrijauskas’ monograph on Indian aesthetics, art and traditional culture. Andrijauskas’ work introduces the Lithuanian reader to unseen scope of richness and complexity in Indian aesthetics and art. the book is divided into 7 parts which chronologically cover the period from the Indus valley civilization to the beginning of british colonization (Iv millennium bC-1757 Ad). It should be emphasized that the book not only comprehensively discusses the most important Indian aesthetic and cultural phenomena, but it also abundantly refers to the most famous scholars of Indian culture and draws unexpected parallels with other civilizations. In addition to rich theoretical material, the book is embellished with a variety of illustrations representing Indian cultural monuments. this subtle blend of theoretical and visual allows the reader to experience the refreshing taste (rasa) of Indian aesthetics and thus appreciate one of the oldest civilizations in the world.


Key Words: India, Indian aesthetics, Indian art, rasa, comparative philosophy, comparative aesthetics.


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