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Logos 95

:. Mariusz Grygianiec
        Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw, Poland





On the Banality of Animalism

Animalism is one of the most popular positions within contemporary philosophical anthropology. However, there is a considerable confusion in the literature concerning its claims, implications and consequences. The article considers the basic principles of animalism, the relationship between animalism and physicalism, animalism’s position in the debate on personal identity, the main philosophical arguments in favor of animalism. The article comes to conclusion that animalism in its weakest version is a banal claim, completely devoid of philosophical content, although it may be of some ethical import. Therefore it would be appropriate for animalism to strengthen its position by means of its main thesis refinement and answering some metaphysical questions that so far have been ignored by its followers


Key Words: animalism, person, animal, organism, human, body, persistence, criteria


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