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Logos 95

:. Gintautas Vyšniauskas
       Klaipeda University, Lithuania


150th Birth Anniversary of Vydunas



Vydūnas and antinatalism

After completing concise review of the nature, species and origin of antinatalist philosophy, the article focuses on the relation between Vydūnas’s practical antinatalism and his philosophical creed. It concludes that Vedantic-Platonic Vydūnas’s treatment of the relation between human soul and body is essentially compatible with his decision not to have children. Nevertheless, remains some doubts concerning his concept of sexuality. Does he relegate it exclusively to the body (as Plato does) or rise it to the level of the soul? In the latter case, antinatalism would be essentially harmful to a woman and to a couple.


Key Words: antinatalism, Vydūnas, man, soul, body, sex


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