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Logos 96

:. Ieva Deviatnikovaitė
       Mykolas Romeris university, Lithuania





Lithuanian Language in the Courts and Schools of the Memel Territory (1927–1932)

After Lithuania acquired sovereign rights in the Memel Territory in 1923, various problematic issues arose – from the payment of pensions to former public servants of the Territory to the use of the Lithuanian language in autonomous entities. These issues were difficult to solve because the Territory’s judicial system, legal regulation, and legal doctrine had been rooted for centuries in German culture. The article analyzes the status of the Lithuanian language in the courts and schools of the Territory. The article relies on historical documents stored in the Central State Archive of Lithuania: the legal acts of the Memel territory, the governor’s pro memorias, correspondence of the president of the Directorate of the Memel territory and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, statistics, and the media of that time.


Key Words: lithuanian language, courts of the Memel territory, schools, pro memoria


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