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Logos 96

:. Rūta Marija Vabalaitė
       Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Lithuania





Anioł Dowgird’s Philosophy of Beauty and Art

The article analyzes aesthetics and philosophy of art of Anioł Dowgird (1776-1835). Dowgird was a professor of philosophy at Vilnius University at the beginning of 19th century. The main source for the article is the last chapter of Dowgird’s book “A Treatise on the Natural Laws of Thought, or Theoretical and Practical Logic”, written and published in Polish in 1828. The chapter was devoted to the problems of the role of imagination in human life. Here we find and examine the Dowgird’s interpretations of the sources of artistic imagination, aesthetic taste, and changes in art, and the grouping and evaluation of various branches of art. Dowgird’s explanation of expression in artwork and the non-mimetic principle of creation are looked into as well.


Key Words: imagination, aesthetic taste, art, Enlightenment, Romanticism


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