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Logos 96

:. Lina Vidauskytė
       Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania





Radio-active Philosophy: Radio Lectures of Walter Benjamin and Karl Jaspers

The article analyzes the radio lectures of Walter Benjamin and Karl Jaspers and highlights the peculiarities of radio media and its reflection in the lectures. Benjamin is considered to be one of the first media theorists. Nevertheless, his radio lectures and radio theory did not attract proper attention. Unfortunately the radio recordings of Benjamin did not survive (unlike K. Jaspers’). Consequently, his radio lectures are available only in printed media. Thus the dimension of sound disappears, but the texts show that Benjamin was absolutely conscious about working with different media. In this respect Jaspers is a different type of thinker. He went on to radio activities after the Second World War when technicalities of radio were considerably better. Jaspers’ lectures on Basel’s radio considered the most actual post-war moral problems and made attempts to bring a difficult academic discipline – philosophy – closer to the person of the street.


Key Words: radio, voice, philosophy, communication, listening.


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