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The Aesthetics of Synaesthesia: Conception and Assumptions

The aesthetics of synaesthesia, first of all, is the compilation of diverse, mostly non-historical vectors with sensory interactions, which permeate the human-made culture. In traditional aesthetics of the 19th−20th centuries, these vectore are most recognised on the plane of interactions between art and the different types of art. over time, however, it has been discovered that they cover all embedded, conscious or non-articulated vital human activities, which unfold sensorially in the conditions of the megasocium, which has no historical analogues. the aesthetics of synaesthesia also includes multifaceted and not necessarily homogeneous manifestations, integrated and interacting in a sensual human plane. In the traditional aesthetic thought, which prevailed almost until the end of 20th century, the interpretations of the synaesthesia phenomenon were mainly concerned with programmed cases of interaction between different arts. this was an attempt to predispose and limit synaesthesia in the western aesthetic tradition as yet another, even though a controversial, aspect. In the 21st century, with the growth of synaesthesia research, the synaesthesia situation became questionable and the aesthetic articulation of synaesthesia moved beyond the boundaries of art to encompass all human activity in the living world. moreover, the aesthetics of synaesthesia covered the selfperception of the personality. It recognised the interactions of multilayered senses in a natural and legitimate way of experiencing the world, which primarily has aesthetic value for an individual


Key Words: synaesthesia, aesthetics, senses, embodiment, perception, art


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