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:. Stasys Mostauskis
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From Drawing to Extra-Drawing Creative Practices: An Attempt to Conceptualize

The article briefly discusses modern developments in the field of drawing which substantially reduced the importance of drawing and limit its functions to a) the field of education and b) the genres that still cultivate traditional artistic values whose comparative importance has obviously diminished. New types of artistic practices which do not fit within the framework of the drawing genres and which do not have the features characteristic of them emerged in addition to and outside the latter phenomena. The article’s selection of the new practices focuses on the borderline cases which integrate drawing into an artistic effort that is alien to it and make it more of an extra-drawing rather than a drawing practice. That is why reference is made to certain basic transformations of drawing, including its reduction to separate elements that abide by a new type of logic, rather than to drawing as such. attempts to answer the following questions make up the content of the article. What general trends define the topical field for the application of the said practices which, on the one hand, trespass the traditional definition of drawing practices, but, on the other hand, preserve certain features truly characteristic of drawing? What and to what extent in the said field can be referred to as drawing in the traditional sense of the word and what defines certain artistic practices based on respective specific features characteristic of the genre? If this specificity is eliminated and if the difference between genres becomes doubtful, what other configuration of traditional and new features can be singled out?


Key Words: contemporary art, extra-drawing practices, verbal conceptualism, art therapy


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